Metal corrosion and the Seabis System

 Metal Corrosion

Metal corrosion is caused by electric current between damp or wet metal or heating / cooling systems via any condition other than absolutely dry contact to the Earth. It is named electrolysis corrosion or electrolytic action or stray current. Electrolysis corrosion is particles of metal being dissolved from your metal by battery current. Battery current is DC – Direct Current so always flows in the same direction. AC (Mains power) is Alternating Current that reverses direction every half cycle (Hertz or 1/60 or 1/50 second) so dissolved particles will be replaced every half cycle. So AC cannot cause electrolysis corrosion. All electronics must use DC. All electrolysis is eliminated by the SeaBis System.

Is metal corrosion costing you money? Our suggestion is you buy one SeaBis System as it will suit the vast majority.

Process of Elimination Instructions supplied with SeaBis complete the elimination of electrolysis. Now no electrolysis corrosion – permanently – guaranteed.







Installing the Seabis System

SeaBis can be installed at any time or place.  Use of SeaBis while not in the water will indicate 98% of causes as there are always moisture in the engine cooling system.  Final tests must be carried out in the water with the engine at full power so pressure sensitive senders (transmitters) are fully pressurised so any leaks will be detected and all other equipment must be in full use so tested at full power.
SeaBis will detect all electrolysis corrosion when any equipment is used at full power.  For vessels, most electrolysis corrosion can be detected and isolated on land but a full test requires the vessel to be waterborne and in full operation.  Install SeaBis in a position which is easily visible to operators, on any flat surface using screws or RTV grade silicon.  This position should be outside the Battery Box.  Anywhere dry on board and in such a way that it cannot be switched out of circuit.  The battery case outside is O/K.

More than one battery bank? One SeaBis System can connect to multiple battery banks.


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